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The Inauguration of Bishop Vuyani Mthini - July 14th 2013
We, of the Ncwana family in Canada, are filled with utmost exhilaration and joy at the profound and divine event that is taking place today in far away South Africa, our original homeland.

The elevation of the Rev. Vuyani Mthini from the pastorate of a relatively small congregation in a humble environment, to a inauguration as Bishop
of the National Baptist Church of South Africa, underscores the power of the Hand of our Almighty God who chooses His servants according as they willingly and reverently
surrender to Him. Through many challenges and adversities, Bishop Mthini has labored for our Lord without counting or even considering the cost. His faith, that of his loyal and devoted wife, along with the rest of his family, has sustained him such that he has won many souls to the saving Grace of our Lord.

The Apostle Paul faced many obstacles in the course of building the church of Christ. In like manner, Bishop Mthini will encounter many impediments; yet, similarly, he will accomplish much in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. While he continues to build the church, as Bishop, his field of operations of necessity, will expand beyond Sivuyile, even beyond the Baptists, to include the Nation as a whole.

All South Africa needs him in every sphere - his proven administrative skills, his dedication and love for people, his sense of humour even in trying times, and his utter devotion to the continuous study and advancement of the Word of God who he loves without reservation.

We exhort the National Baptists, one and all, to remain fervent in prayer that the Holy Spirit will sustain this man with physical and spiritual strength and wisdom, for the benefit of both the Church and the country of South Africa.

God bless you.