Ministries and Outreach

67 Minutes of Madiba Month: Sivuyile UNBCSA commemorated the Madiba day by giving food parcels to the less fortunate, disabled and the aged at Vygieskraal informal settlement in Cape Town.

The Bishop and the whole congregation were present at this event that started with the revival, and warm plate of food was served, and ended with the hand-over of the food parcels by Bishop V.V. Mtini, Rev. T. Mgaba and Student Pastors Ngalo and Mbantsa.

67 Minutes of Madiba Month : food parcels to the needy

Donating school uniforms to children. 

Sivuyile National Baptist Church is passionate about uplifting our communities and to help in a meaningful way. Here Bishop Mtini of Sivuyile National Baptist Church donates school uniforms to children of Iris Qwela Primiary school in De Doorns.



Victims of floods. 
Women of Sivuyile National Baptist Church donates clothes to victims of floods.